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Get shipments from Chinese manufacturers to your Doorsteps: Rexxport.

If you are looking for an excellent cost-optimized strategy for your Import-Export business, you have Rexxport the best Import and Export agent for your logistics shipping for air freight, sea freight, and worldwide shipping. You get the shipments from anywhere in the world to your doorsteps within budget, on time and with ease. After Chinese exporters reach the markets with their finish goods, there is an entire global logistics network the product must go through to reach your doorstep. After which you can release these products in the market. We ensure that the goods arrive on time, within your budget and undamaged from the exporter’s end to your doorstep. We take the load of the great responsibility to make the products shipped, paper works and safe transport options for you. The locomotion of manufactured goods involves an array of international shipping methods from China to India. The cost varies when you avail of different options in terms of fright charges, you may use air freights or cargo ships. You will get your shipment in sea freight containers which is commonly used for international shipments. Managing your Cargo and the Freight process: Rexxport International Dealing: Understand how Rexxport manages the final products from the Chinese factory floor handles the shipments whether a Full Container Load (FCL) or managed Less than Container Load (LCL), affordable shipping and timely delivery to your doorstep. In the international trade and logistics there are three main options to determine how your freight will affect the shipping rates from China to India:  
  1. Managing your freight from China:
We are a regular freight forwarders form China. Your biggest benefit with Rexxport is that we operate in the closest proximity with Chinese traders, you can get the rates affordable with us and at the same time, you get the required transparency and communication for your cargo.
    1. International commercial terms:
  Rexxport complies with international commercial terms while importing from China. In a worst-case scenario, you may lose goods in the transit if your cargo is now following these rules. We handle the incoterms we will handle your cargo and the manufactured goods will reach to your doorstep from the factories of China.
    1. Selecting the right container options:
  There are two container sizes Full Container Load (FCL) is the best choice and the most cost-effective container and is calculated by the cost per volume metric and unit weight. The full container size is 20ft x 40ft x 40ft. For businesses importing smaller volumes of goods, Less than Container Load (LCL) is the solution. LCL is shared container freight where you have to share your goods with other buyers in the container. The LCL may not be cost-effective and incur more cost. Rexxport handles and receives your freight at Ports and Custom Clearances: We will keep you updated about the shipments or you can track your cargo at all junctions. We will take care of your custom clearances, payment duties, taxes, and other applicable fees if required at Indian ports.  Finally, you will the cargo in your required destination on time and without any trouble. Rexxport is very successful in understanding how goods are shipped from China to India. We are familiar with the international shipments policies from China, other Asian countries, North America and European countries.