Third Party Import/Export

Third Party - Import Export Agent in India

What is a third party export?

  • A third party export refers to the export made by an exporter or manufacturer on behalf of another exporter. The legal shipping bill ought to mention both addresses of the manufacturer exporter and third party exporter.
  • The overseas order is obtained by a third party exporter, paving way for the Foreign Inward remittance is received by the third party exporter, as he had obtained the export order.
  • Hence the purchase orders from an overseas buyer, Foreign Inward Remittance Certificate (FIRC), etc. comes in the name of third party exporter and not in the name of manufacturer exporter.

How does it work?

  • The third-party exporter obtains the third party export order. He gets goods from another manufacturer exporter and exports those goods in his name and obtains foreign exchange.
  • After obtaining a purchase order from an overseas buyer, a third party exporter provides a purchase order to the manufacturer exporter at a lesser price.
  • He then pays the value of goods to the manufacturer exporter as per agreement. The value of goods is then paid in local currency to the manufacturer exporter and in return, the third party exporter receives his export proceeds from the overseas buyers in foreign currency.

What makes Rexxport the ideal choice?

Rexxport offers efficient third party export services and makes the job easier for all the parties involved. It helps procure export documents such as shipping bills indicating the name of both manufacturing exporter/manufacturer and third party exporter.

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